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Letter from L. Mdingi to Phyllis Naidoo

I wish t o acknowledge the receipt of your t wo letters dated 13th & 16th of July.

Letter from Flora to Phyllis Naidoo

Yesterday late about 8p.m Mr Mgalitye was here at my place.

Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXII No.8 Issued 8 September 1975
Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Ursulla

I am not sure if you have read anything on the torture in our country. You should have read about Joseph Mdluli’s and Steves death. That is one aspect of detention.

Military Police

Black and white print 9.4 x 14.5cm

Leslie Tsuela. Death in Detention : 1968-1981

Leslie Tsuela, death, detention, Docrat, police, Klerksdorp, homicide trial, prisoners, plantation

Bobby Tsotsobe. ANC Member 1981. Treason Trial

Booby Tsotsobe, ANC, Treason Trial, Court, police, AKM Docrat

Civil Rights News Letter, March 1957
The Bombing of Mr. Thembi Hani's Car : Article from Lesotho Weekly Newspaper.

The remains of a car belonging to Mr. Thembi Hani a South African refugee who lives at Lower Seoli in the outskirts of Maseru. The car was destroyed by a bomb at about 2.45 a.m. last Wednesday Shortly, after the blast, a man was found sprawled next to the wrecked, car.

Report (Part V) of the Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure Act Commission

1. The following Table gives particulars of the forms received up to and including 30th November, 1935, notifying occupation of proclaimed land by Coloured persons in the Springs Municipal Area:

Report (Part IV) of the Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure Act Commission

Report (Part IV) of the Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure Act Commission. Appointed under Government Notice No. 1324 dated October 1932

Letter from Alan Paton to R Rouse

Hundreds of Indians attempted to make a living on the streets of Durban as hawkers and flower sellers between 1910 and 1948 as they left plantation indentures to find work in the urban environment.

Durban Police


Label for photograph: Durban Police

Description:  The photograph depicts six Durban policemen.  They are carrying knobkerries, and each of the men is wearing a beaded necklace.  



Randles family papers (KCM 92/11) ;

File 4 ;

Page 5a

Police searching a car bonnet

Police searching a car bonnet

Inside South Africa

A monthly letter about events in South Africa.



The Cry of Reason AND Namibia on the Brink


Plan van kantore op die vyfde verdieping Lekton Huis, Wandererstraat 5, Johannesburg wat op 1977-10-19, duursoek deur Luitenant J.I. De Waal en Waal

A plan of the offices of BCP and SASM in Johannesburg as prepared by police.

Editorial: Justice and the Police


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