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Report of the Select Committee on Social Security

THE PROPOSALS OF THE SOCIAL SECURITY COMMITTEE. Definition of social security scheme........

Plan van kantore op die vyfde verdieping Lekton Huis, Wandererstraat 5, Johannesburg wat op 1977-10-19, duursoek deur Luitenant J.I. De Waal en Waal

A plan of the offices of BCP and SASM in Johannesburg as prepared by police.

Principles of programme planning

A document setting out the principles of programme planning, including criteria for a good programme and evaluation of programmes

Banning and intimidation: list of recommended tactics

SASO memorandum deals with proposed methods of infiltration into schools, religious bodies and other organisations; how to deal with infiltration into SASO and how to deal with bannings and other forms of intimidation. List was seized by police at the SASO office in Durban on 17 May 1973.

Black People's Convention: Blueprint of the proposed educational policy

Memorandum discussing the BPC educational guidelines to develop Black Consciousness and national unity while eliminating racism and tribalism

Forums build vision of democratic future
Health policy for a post-apartheid South Africa: a way forward
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