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South African Native Affairs

 South african native affairs commission, Basutoland 1904

South african library association

 South african library association, conference in durban 1948

Solomon Saul

Solomon, Saul 1817-1892

Smuts, Jan Christain

 Smuts Jan Christain 

Smuts Jan Christain

 Smuts Jan Christain 1870-1950

Smuts Jan Christain

Smuts, Jan Christian 1870-1950 depicted holding his granddoughter.

Smith Pauline

 Smith Pauline 1883-1959

Smith Henry

 Smith Henry George Wakelyn 1787-1860

Pupils outside the school belonging

 Pupils the school belonging to Mrs Emma Smith

Smith Edwim Williams

 Smith Edwin Williams 1876-1958

Slater Francis

 Later Francis 1876-1958

Simmer and Jack Mine

  A. Simmer and J.Jack, B. Muirhead, T. Torbeck.


Sigananda 1816-1906

Siedle Otto

 Siedle Otto 1856-1948

Shrewbury William James

Shrewsbury  William James

Shepstone Theophilus

 SShepstone family

Shepstone Theophilus

Sir Theophilus Shepstone 1817-1893

Sir Shepstone Theophilis

Sir Shepstone and Lady Maria

Shepstone Theophilus

 Shepstone annexation party

Shepstone Theophilus

Shepstone  Theophilus 1843-1907


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