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Head clothing and beaded necklaces

Beaded necklace and head clothing  rings.

Ukumisa stage

"Ukumisa stage"   (She is permitted to court with boys) 

Amakhuze girls

Amakhuze girls, Ixopo, KZN, 1982.


"Ukungqonga"  She has been given a permission to court with boys.  

"Ukumisa" Stage.

"Ukumisa" Stage.  (One who has been given a permision to court with boys)

Izintombi "Ezivundile"

Izintombi "Ezivundile" (She has reached puberty, but she cannot court boys) Highflats, KZN, 1982.

"Izintombi ezivundile"

"Izintombi ezivundile"  (She has reached puberty, but is not allowed to court) Highflats, KZN, 1982.

Outfit of Izintombi "Ezivundile"

Outfit of izintombi "Ezivundile" (She has reached puberty, but she may not be courted) Highflats, KZN, 1982. 

Amakhuze outfit

Amakhuze outfit, Ixopo, KZN, 1982.

Amakhuze outfit

Amakhuze outfit, Ixopo, KZN, 1982.

Head clothing and beaded necklaces

Beaded necklaces and Head clothing.

Girl from Amakhuze people

Girl from Amakhuze people, Ixopo, 1982.

Christian girl from Amakhuze people.

Christian girl from Amakhuze people wearing western clothes, 1982.

Young girls of Amakhuze people.

Young girls of Amakhuze people from iXopo, KZN, 1982.

Ukuhlefulela outfit

Ukuhlefulela outfit - Worn by a girl from Amakhuze people aged 7 - 15 years. Such a girl may not court boys.

Ukuhlefulela outfit

Ukuhlefulela outfit - Worn by a girl of Amakhuze people aged 7 - 15 years. Such girls may not court boys. 

Outfit - Courting youth of Amakhuze

Outfit - Courting youth of Amakhuze, Natal, 1983.

Amakhuze outfit for courting youth.

Amakhuze outfit for courting youth. 1983.

Sifiso Mbanjwa

Sifiso Mbanjwa of Amakhuze people wearing a courting youth outfit. 

Malikhona and Sandile Mbanjwa from Ixopo.

Malikhona and Sandile Mbanjwa from Ixopo wearing traditional dresses of Amakhuze people.


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