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Colenso Harriette Emily

Colenso, Harriette Emily, 1847-19-32

Colenso Family

Colenso family

Colenso, Agnes Mary and Harriette

Colenso Agnes Mary 1855-1932 with harriette Emily 1847-1932

Coahill, Lieut.Nervill Josiah Aylmer

Coahill, Lieut. Nervill Josiah Aylmer, 1852-1879

Cock Cornelius

Cock Cornelius, fl. 1876

Coghill, Nevill Josiah Aylmer

Coghill, Nevill Josiah Aylmer, 1852-1879

Cloete, Henry

Cloete, Henry, 1792-1870


Back line P.R. Botha, M. Stuart, W Proudfoot, J. Deas, J.G.Nel, J.M. Nourse

Middle H.J. Leuchars, P. Norton, F. B. Hill, G.W. Newmarch.

Front E.S.Newmarch, H. Nourse.

Arbuthnot, Jane

Arbuthnot, Jane 1819-1907

Arbuckle, Sir William

Sir William Arbuckle 1839-1915. Mayor of Durban in 80s

Anderson, Captain Alexander

Anderson, captain Alexander, 1844- 1939

Anderson Alexander

Anderson Alexander,Unidentified, A. Anderson, Mr Tracey and Mr Dunning.

Allison James

Allison James 1802-1875

Allison, Dorothy

Allison, Dorothy 1804-1864

Allison Mary

Allison Mary and Allison Dora


Okavango. Copy of route-map used by Johan Wahlberg to lake Ngami.

Adams family

Mr A. Adams, his grandson, Mr C. Adams

Silent vigil
Apartheid's everyday insults in relief


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