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Mackenzie Dun can

 Mackenzie , Sir Duncan, 1859-1932 pallbearers carring the coffin.

Mckenzie Duncan

Mckenzie lt.col. Duncan, 1850-1920

Maccallum Sir henry Edwards

 Maccallum, Sir Henry Edwards, 1852-1919

Mccullum Sir henry Edward

Mccullum, Sir Henry Edward, 1852-1919


 Loudon, W. F. fi 1906

Gladstone William Ewart

Gladstone, William Ewart, 1809- 1898

Gibson Perla

Gibson, Perla Siedle 1888-1971

Fynn papers

Fynn papers: Mr Fynn, Mrs E. Narks and Dr Killie Campbell, at opening in 1948

Fynney Frederick

Fynney, Frederick Bernard

Fynn Henry

Fynn, Henry Francis, 1803-1861

Fynn, Henry

Fynn Henry Francis, 1803-1861

Frith, Lieut. F.J. Cokagne

Frith, lieut. F. J. Cokagne officer of the 17th Lancers

Franklin lieut. Reginald

FRanklin, Lieut. Reginald William  a drawing depicting head and shoulders.

Fleming leonard

fLEMING, Leonard Denman, 1880-1946

First four Governors of the Province

First  four Governors of the Province

First DurbanBoys Brigade

First Durban boys Brigade

Feilden John and Eliza

Feilden, John Leyland 1821-1916 and Feilden, Eliza Wigham, 1810-1888.

Francis George

Farewell, Francis George, 1793- 1829

Fannin, John

Fannin, John, 1834-1905

Fairbairn, John

Fairbairn, John, 1794-1864


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