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Commercial herbal center, Durban, 1982.


Inyanga seating down wearing a hat.

"Iphambanisa" age group

"Iphambanisa" age group. 18 - 19 years who is allowed to court. Bhaca people.

"Iphambanisa" age set.

"Iphambanisa" outfit worn by a girl allowed to court. Bhaca people.

"Iphambanisa" outfit.

"Iphambanisa" outfit worn by girl who is ready to court, Bhaca people. 

"Iphambanisa" outfit.

"Iphambanisa" outfit - worn by Bhaca girl who is allowed to be courted.

"Iphambanisa" outfit.

"Iphambanisa" outfit of Bhaca girls. Himville, KZN, 1983.


Black and white landscape of mountains and forests.

"Izintombi ezivundile"

"Izintombi ezivundile"  (She has reached puberty, but is not allowed to court) Highflats, KZN, 1982.

"Just about to get down"

"Just about to get down"

"King Mpande's dancing girls"

"King Mpande's dancing girls"

"Laughing Dove"

"Laughing Dove" found in Nigeria.

"Le Mantouan"

"Le Mantouan" - Race Horses – South Africa.

"Le Mantouan"

"Le Mantouan" -  Race Horses – South Africa.


"LLANYSTUMDWY" Near Criccieth, Wales. 

"Love from Violet"

Postcard with writing "Love fro Violet"


"Madrid" - Spain.


"Magwaza" - Tugela Valley, 1996.

"Make Good"

"Make Good" - Race Horses – South Africa.

"Makhubalo Abomvu"

"Makhubalo Abomvu" Red Zulu medicine used for steaming.


1928 records found.