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Married woman from Ixopo

Married woman from Ixopo, Natal 1983.

Traditional dress of Amakhuze

Traditional dress of Amakhuze from Highflats in Natal, 1983.

African Man

Photograph of an African man holding a spear.


Photograph of Durban.


Black and white photograph of Durban.

Inyanga from Keates Drift

Inyanga from Keates Drift, KZN. 


Inyanga with his medicines from Keates Drift, KZN, 1985. 

"Indian Muthi Shop"

"Indian Muthi Shop" Dealing with Black traditional medicine.

"KwaDumezweni" Durban, 1985.



Commercial herbal center, Durban, 1982.

"Makhubalo Abomvu"

"Makhubalo Abomvu" Red Zulu medicine used for steaming.



Zulu medicine used for steaming. 

"Ibulawo" - Zulu Medicine

"Ibulawo" Used for vomiting by Zulu people.

Mr Govender

Mr Govender, owner of commercial herbal center, Durban, 1982.


Impepho from commercial herbal center, 1982.

Zulu Medicine

Mr Govender's nephew behind the counter of commercial herbal center. 1982.

Zulu Medicine

Fresh herbs used in making Zulu medicine - Commercial Herb Centre, Durban, 1982.

Zulu Medicine

Zulu medicine shop  at commercial herbal centre, 1982.

Fieldtrip member

Fieldtrip member at Tugela Valley, 1996.

Field at Magwaza home

Field at Magwaza home. Tugela Valley.

Pot firing

Pot firing. At Tugela Valley. 1996.


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