Phoenix Settlement

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Gandhi in South Africa 1893-1914

MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI, who was born at Porbandar (Sudamapuri) in India on 2 October 1869, qualified as a barrister in England· in 1891. Two years later his professional services were engaged by Abdul Karim Jhaveri, a Durban trader, in a £40,000 lawsuit against a rival firm in Pretoria.

Gandhi and Indians in South Africa

THE battle to abolish the law barring Indians from living in the Free State - an issue which became a heated one in Parliament........


Sushila Gandhi (1907-1988) - Guardian of Gandhian traditions in South Africa

When Mahatma Gandhi left South Africa in 1914 he left a very significant legacy to Indian South Africans, an ideology of resistance

Phoenix settlement - Its significance

April 1895 Gandhiji visited the Mariannhill monastery near Pinetown which was started by a Trappist, Father Francis Pfanner. He was impressed by this little settlement of.....

Gandhi Display (originals)



Gandhi and co-operative commonwealth

The discovery of gold and diamonds hastened the incorporating of South Africa into the changing world economy. It fostered the shift from a pastoral to an industrial society........

Letter from Pat Poovalingam to Peter brown
Ela Gandhi addressing at a function

Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, is a renowned ... with the African National Congress party representing the Phoenix area of the ...

Letter from Peter Brown to Mewa Ramgobin
Printing Press

Printing pres used by Gandhi

Printing Press

Printing press used by Gandhi

Printing Press

Prinitng press used by Gandhi

Printing press

Printing press used by Gandhi

Photos on the life of M. K. Gandhi

Printing press

Printing machines used by Gandhi

Printing press

International printing press

Printing Press on Gandhi Settlement

Henry Polak editor of the Indian Opinion

Henry Polak. Polak is an editor Gandhi befriends at a vegetarian restaurant

Printing press in Phoenix

Printing press on Phoenix Settlement

The Sarvodaya

Gandhi's house in Phoenix Settlement

Aftermath of the Riots in Phoenix Settlement

Phoenix settlement after the fire


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