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Therukoothu and Cultural Group

Tamil street theatre form practised in Tamil Nadu state of India and Tamil-speaking regions of Sri Lanka.

Books and the Arts

Reviews of books and plays.

Le Foehn

A revolutionary play about Algeria.

The New African: Volume 5, Number 10, December 1966
Kongi's harvest in tails

Unique moments among disappointments at the Dakar Festival.

Books and the Arts

Book and art reviews.


The London Revue "Nymphs and satires" exploits African culture without commitment and in the old whites-on-top package.

Kwa-Namakunde: an introduction and an extract

Kwa-Namakunde is based on the history of the Bakongo kings. The history of Mbanzakongo actually extends over about a century and a half, about which very little detail is known.

Volks Radio: a satire

A satire.

Words, words, words

Notes on the written word.

Aid with strings

A satire.

Five Soyinka plays: a review

Review of five plays written by Wole Soyinka.

A symposium on the Paton-Shah Play Sponono

Alan Paton and Krishna Shah's play "Sponono" proved a milestone in South African theatre.

Chapter fifteen: Arts and entertainment
Chapter twelve: Arts and entertainment
Chapter thirteen: Arts and entertainment
Acting with a mission
Singing the times
Stories, dance and song
Popular theatre and struggle


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