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'Umakoti uthwele amadumbe'

Black and white scene of a Zulu Matron carrying yams on head.

Riksha Puller

Pencil portrait of a Durban Riksha Puller.

'Fort Napier: The Three Soldiers'

Pencil scene of three Soldiers on horses in Fort Napier.

'Theo Ad- Mineral's house & Twupike'

Pencil scene of a Mineral's house in Simone's Bay.

'Fort Napier: Pietermaritzburg'

Pencil scene of African man and women with horses in the background in Pietermaritzburg.

' A God sent Eland'

Pencil scene of tents and human figures camping near the river, with Eland passing by.

" Mary Caton"

Pencil Scene of Mary Caton sitting between trees on the 24th of October in 1844.

'The Black Rhinoceros'

Pencil scene of the Black Rhinoceros being surrounded by hunters in horses.

'The Tanka Post

Pencil scene of the Tanka Post in June 1846

" I lose my way and have to sleep in the Open"

Pencil scene sheep lost in the field.

Anatomical Sketch of a Human Male

Anatomical Sketch of a human male figure from the torso, kneeling down.

Potrait of a Man

Pencil sketch of a male face.

"Adverse learning conditions"

Scene of a man wearing a graduation gown standing in front of shack houses.

" Neighbourliness"

Scene of African workers planting and toiling the fields.

" Squaters"

Scene of a person moving possesions on an ox wagon.


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