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"A struggle that can be waged by everyone"
Israel gives taste of coalition politics
In the peace business
Women not uniting for peace just yet?
Learner peacekeepers for Natal
The people will triumph!
Our commitment to peace
New Year messages
The struggle to end Natal violence continues
Briefing document on KTC situation

Briefing document on KTC situation that contains the history, the latest peace initiative, ANC statement, the positions of national organisations, the involvement of UDF's affected township organisations and also the issue of direct peace talks.

Excerpts from Nobel lecture by Luthuli in Oslo


Luthuli dressed as Zulu chief, gets his prize: South Africa as a threat to world peace....


Does Luthuli deserve the Nobel Prize?

Extract from the Rand Daily Mail, Monday, October 30, 1961. The article debating the validity of giving Albert Luthuli the Nobel Prize for Peace.

The peace campaign - a farce
Stop press!
The sick equation
The German Peace Treaty and Africa
Negro oppression and U.S. foreign policy
Africa and world peace


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