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Thumbi Naidoo Addressing Passive Resisters in Newcastle

Govindasamy Krishnasamy Thambi Naidoo*was born of indentured stock in 1875 in Mauritius. ... When the Satyagraha Campaign, passive resistance against ... On 13 October 1913, at a public meeting in Newcastle, Naidoo, ...

Passive Resistance

Passive resisters

Demand for Independence

Photos on the life of M. K. Gandhi

Gandhi the South African Experience

Cover of the book by Maureen Swan

India's Independence & Local Items.

Mr Gandhi and Mr Kallenbach dinner RSVP card

Mr and Mrs Gandhi and Mr Kallenbach leaving for England

Gandhi and friends departing for England

Gandhi at Satiniketan with Rabindranath Tagore

Passive resisters

Sixty Indians departed from South Africa to India

Miscellaneous illustrations from Indian Opinion on Gandhi & the passive resistance movement

Ratan J Tata

Miscellaneous illustrations from Indian Opinion on Gandhi & the passive resistance movement - c. 1893 - 1914



Protest meeting in Pretoria

Protest meeting in Pretoria in 1907

Memorial service for Valliama, Passive Resister who gave up her life for the cause

Memorial service in honour of Valliama

Deportation to India (1908 - 1909)

Between January 1908 and June 1909 approximately one thousand Indians were deported to India.

Passive Resisters

Germiston Passive Resisters. All suffers imprisonment. Seated in the centre is Mr Lalbahadur Singh, the chairman of the Germiston Indian Community

Colonial born Passive Resisters in Johannesburg

Colonial born Passive Resisters in Johannesburg

Gokaldas Gandhi

Mr. Gokaldas P. Gandhi, who led a party of Passive Resisters from Tongaat district, c. 1910.

Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba with Kimberley passive resisters.

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Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Aggrey Klaaste

The new order is certainly giving us a view of the prison system that most literate people never had before. A social worker on radio said our jails are filled with our brothers and sisters and perhaps we need to be reminded of this as well as we look at the crime and violence in our country.

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