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10 years of Parliament
A comment on the F W de Klerk address to Parliament on 2 February 1990

Penuell Maduna's comments on F W de Klerk's address to Parliament when he announced the unbanning of the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party, amongst other organisations.

A Time To Build! Statement Of The President Of The ANC, NR Mandela
Acccelerating Development with ICT'S: Presedential Excerpts
Addendum to This is South Africa

South Africa's new constitution, implemented in September 1984, represents a break with the all-White Westminster system......

Address by State President F W de Klerk, DMS, at the opening of the second session of the ninth Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, Friday 2 February 1990

Address by the State President F W de Klerk, at the opening of the second session of the ninth Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, Friday, 2 February 1990. Deals with foreign relations, human rights, the death penalty, socio-economic aspects, the economy, and negotiation.

Africa and Parliamentary democracy
Another February speech 5 years ago
APDUSA Views - No 85 September 2007

1. The Killers and Rapists (not the Kaffirs, Mr President) are Coming.
2. An Atrocity Cover-up
3. African Time and Indian Time
4. Lost Control

Articles from the Illustrated Bulletin
Background to the President's Council
Black Sash opening of Parliament

Black and white print 19.1 x 13.4

Black Sash protest outside the Parliament Buildings, Pietermaritzburg

Black and white print 21.2 x 16

Case history in suicide
Civil Rights News Letter, April 1962
Convention For A Democratic South Africa

Newspaper articles of 1992

Documents of the African National Congress, Natal Indian Congress, Transvaal Indian Congress and the Non-European movement and the Indian
Editorial: Bothas Economics
Editorial: Helen Suzman
Editorial: Sunshine and shadow


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