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President Mandela entering Parliament for its opening

On 10 May 1994, Nelson Mandela, at the age of 77, was inaugurated as South Africa's first black president and F W de Klerk became Mandela's ...

President Mandela entering Parliament for its opening

President N.R. Mandela at the opening of Parliament

Letter from Wolf to Peter Brown
Black Sash protest outside the Parliament Buildings, Pietermaritzburg

Black and white print 21.2 x 16

Black Sash opening of Parliament

Black and white print 19.1 x 13.4

Civil Rights News Letter, April 1962
Articles from the Illustrated Bulletin
Protesting against the setting up of the segregated tricameral parliament. Durban 1983

Protesting against the setting up the segregated......

Letter from Jane to Phyllis Naidoo

Ive just found your letter and am horrified to see the date 15 April. Did I or did I not answer it? I always write "ans" after answering but it is not on this one.

Memorandum on the subject of the Indian Problem in Natal

This Delegation is from the Durban Joint Wards Committee,  which said Committee comprises representatives from each of the Municipal Wards and Burgesses Associations of the City of Durban, and was specially appointed to deal with the Natal Indian Problem. Its objects are:

Record of the proceedings at the December Quarterly meeting of the Executive at Pietermaritzburg

Vol 37. File No 174(14) N2250

Mr Buchan said this was a peculiar state of affairs. All Towns had been asked to stay their hands, and yet there was to be a two years wait. There was much confusion resulting from this state and he formally moved:,

Letter from Sarah to Hofmeyr

I have heard within the last day or two, how difficult days were for you in Parliament during the Indian...affair. At the time I thought it was some ..


Segregation of Indians in South Africa. Swami Bhawani Dayal's interview to the 'National Call' of Delhi.

The present demand by certain Europeans for the segregation of the Indian Community is no new development in the party politics of South Africa. A similar agitation which has been raised in the country in an intense form during the years 1918 and 1920

Parliament house

Parliament street

Parliament house

Parliament house and Avenue

Parliament house

Parliament house, Cape Town

Parliament house and avenue

Parliament house and avenue, Cape Town

The houses of parliament

The houses of parliament from the river, London

Smith's blank cheque

The overwhelming victory of the Rhodesian Front, led by strong-man Ian Smith, in the Colony's general elections on 7th May 1965, meant the end of the multi-racial opposition Rhodesian Party led by David Butler.

United Democratic Front's press statement on the eve of State President F W De Klerk's address at the opening of parliament

United Democratic Front's press statement on the eve of State President F W De Klerk's address at the opening of parliament


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