Palm Leaf

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Ilala palm leaf basketry

Ilala palm leaf basketry. Nquthu show. 4.6.1959. Grossert No. 64

Ilala palm leaf basket

Ilala palm leaf basket. (travelling basket) illus LXV1 Grossert, J.W. 'Art education and Zulu craft' Pietermaritzburg; Shuter and Shooter, 1968.vol.2.

Ilala palm leaf basket

Ilala palm leaf basket (travelling basket) Maputu show 12.06.1961. Grossert No. 954

Grass mat or isicepu lenyawo of ilala palm leaf
Ilala palm leaf basket.

KCAV 1303 ilala palm leaf basket. Hlabisa (Adult made) Grossert no.107.

Spoon bag . Ilala palm leaf. Maputo show.

KCAV 1312 Spoon -bag. Ilala palm leaf. Maputo show Grossert no 657.

Ilala palm leaf broom.

KCAV 1315 ilala palm leaf broom. Maputu Show.  Grossert no 669

Ilala palm leaf hats. Tsongwe
Cover of woven ilala palm leaf for bee-tapping. Maputu
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