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The History of the South African Hindu Maha Saba

FOR information about the early history of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha we have to rely on uncertain records and memories of many old people connected with this institution when it was established. The early Indian settlers in South Africa were mostly Hindus.


The organization herein constituted shall be known as the Natal Indian Association....

The Chairman and members of the Judicial Commission appointment to enquire into the Durban riots(1949)

To promote and advance the cause of the people resident in the Province of Natal, to improve their condition and status politically,economically and socially, to guard against any encroachment upon existing rights and privileges, to work for and foster peace, goodwill and cooperation as f

Notes of evidence given by Mr S.R.Naidoo

I live in Pietermaritzburg. I am the President of the Natal Indian Organisation (Maritzburg Branch). I have been in public life for a matter of 40 years. I was appointed a member on the COLONISATION ENQUIRY COMMITTEE appointed by the Union Government....

Arya Yuvuk Sabha 80 Anniversary

80th Anniversary - ARYA YUVUK SABHA

Aryan Benevolent Home 1921 - 1987

The earlier part of the twentieth century in this country, did not contain examples of mutual aid movements for Indians.

The History of the Tamil Protective Association 1916-1984

The past sixty - nine years records the progress of our Society . We salute the pioneers for therefore sight and determination in establishing what we see today , namely,....

Hindu Young Men's Association

22nd Anniversary Celebration

United Commonwealth
New S A League
Proposed joint statement on: call for national unity against apartheid and the emergency

Statement regarding proposed joint statement on call for national unity against apartheid and the emergency as the state of emergency seeks to destroy the democratic organisations and thereby attempting to halt march to freedom

Workshop organised by women, for women, about women
Structure of COSATU
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