Oil on Canvas

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Sir Carl Behreus

Color portrait of Sir Carl Behreus.

Captain Alan Gardiner

Color portrait of Captain Alan Gardiner in his finest outfit.

Winston Churchill

Watercolor portrait of Mr Winston Churchill smoking a cigar.

Early Durban

Colorful scene of Durban in 1880.

Murray's House

Colorful abstract of Murrays house.

Murchies House

Colorful abstract of Murchies house at the top of Ridge Road in Durban, KwaZulu- Natal.

'Ensimbini Homestead'

Colored abstract of Ensimbini homestead.

Scene of a flat country with flat topped hills

Scene from a flat country with a flat topped hill.

Native Girl: Basuto

Portrait of a Basuto girl carrying a beer/ water pot on her head.


An abstract of water lilies .

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