Oil Canvas

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Durban Bay: View from the Glebe Verandah

Landscape scene of the Durban Bay in oil canvas.

" Rorkes Drift Postal Agency"

Oil canvas scene of Rorkes Drift post office, with people going in and out.

'Something else"

An Abstracct of monochromes( Type: Oil canvas)

" We hope the bright will come"

A scene of two figures looking at the sun/ moon.

'Victims of Natal floods"

Scene of Skeletons, coffins and trees floating around.


Landscape abstract: river, trees, sky and the sun.

" Bushman Paradise"

Scene of Bushmen stalking a springbuck among red lillies.


Scene of a man assaulting a woman holding a child, two other children are eating next to a dog. A huge pumpkin with an arrow across can be seen on the painting. ( Type: Oil on Canvas)


Scene of a traditional Zulu man, dressed in Ibheshu, iHawu noMqhele walking in the veld next to mountains.

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