North Carolina

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Letter from Fern and Monroe to Phyllis Naidoo and Sukhs

Here at Birla House in Delhi where Gandhi was assassinated there are prayers today as the country celebrates what would have been his 114 birthday.

Letter from Susan to Phyllis Naidoo and Suks

I found the name (Stephanie Urdarg) in my Southern Africa Magazine and sent your letter to her.

Letter from Munroe Gilmour to Phyllis Naidoo

Here are some thoughts about Chris which you requested: When you lived at the "Survival Center", I remember coming often (around meal time no doubt) and Chris, would be sitting there in a folding chair up against the wall leading to the back of the house.

Letter from Community Friends For Corporate Responsibility to Mr. John S. Stevens

We want to bring a matter of significant community concern to the attention of you and the MSJHS Board of Directors. We had hoped that our concerns would be dealt with substantively by the Human Resources Department.

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