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President Steyn at Newcastle, Natal

Sepia print 20 x 15cm

Public Library in Newcastle

Inside the Public library at Newcastle

Russian ambulance Corps which assisted the boer forces during the 2nd Anglo-Boer War, photographed outsided St Dominic's Convent, Newcastle

Sepia print 16.4 x 22.7cm faded

Shops in Newcastle

Newcastle, town, northwestern KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. It lies at the foot of the Drakensberg mountains. The fourth British settlement in Natal, it was founded in 1864 as a regional trade centre.

Singhs wagon shop

Wagon Shop

The War Memorial in Newcastle. Newcastle Cemetery. Memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Queen.

Sepia print 20 x 15cm

View near Newcastle

Sepia print 10.2 x 16.7cm faded


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