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P W Botha attacks Buthelezi for "blocking negotiations"
Dr Buthelezi a "major player" in rebuilding South Africa - Hurd
The IFP's stance on negotiations: Consensus politics is the key
The strategic debate in the ANC

Paper by Z Pallo Jordan regarding African National Congress strategy. Regarding talks and negotiations.

ANC Discussion Paper on the issue of negotiations

ANC Discussion Paper on the issue of negotiations. Argues that negotiated resolution of the South African question is urgent.

State of organisation and the way forward

Paper by John Motshabi on the state of the African National Congress and the way forward. Covers military strategy, enemy infiltration, programme of action, democratic participation, negotiations and seizure of power, building a revolutionary army, cadre policy.

The new policy of the USA towards South Africa: the Black Conciousness Movement's view

An article written by the Black People's Convention in response to the invitation to have talks with Mr Andrew Young the Unites States Ambassador to the United Nations, reflecting on the United States "new" foreign policy towards South Africa.

Position for a negotiated resolution of the South African question

Draft discussion paper on the position for a negotiated resolution of the South African question.


Article looking at the question of negotiation and the approach of the democratic movement.

Negotiations - what room for compromise?

Response by Sam Shilowa to Joe Slovo's paper on negotiations. Argues against compromising on issues for the sake of the government.

Views on a constitution making body

Views on a constitution making body tabled by the South African Government at a Codesa Working Group 2.

Constituent assembly call - salvation or scam?
Abusive research
Negotiations - the road to betrayal!
Compromise and consensus to be reached

This has very crucial bearing on the negotiations of De Klerk, since he has once again promised that in the referendum scheduled for early 1992 the white vote will be counted separately.

CODESA - deception continued

It was with much jubilation and acclaim that the ruling class staged the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) in December 1991.

States's policy of deception

Rejecting any participation in the negotiations meetings of 29 November and of 20-21 December 1991, the New Unity Movement says in its latest statement that the conference has nothing to do with the promotion of the struggle for democracy, except to confuse it and destroy it.

"Non-collaboration not negotiation"
Workers at Pilkington Brothers ...


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