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Metal industry negotiations
Memorandum submitted to the NWC of the ANC

Summary by Jack Simons of the memorandum submitted to the National Working Committee of the ANC by the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group, regarding the position of the South African government on dismantling apartheid.

Meetings between Dr Kenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia, and Ministers R F Botha, Genl M A de M Malan and the Administrator General Dr W A van Niekerk

Minutes of Meetings between the Zambian Government and the South African Government

Meeting of the Joint Monitoring Commission (JMC): Mupa, 28 March 1984

Meeting of the Joint Monitoring Commission (JMC) to discuss the mandate of the JMC in terms of the Lusaka Agreement and the manner in which the Agreement was being carried out.

Meeting between the South African Government and the Western Contact Group in Cape Town on 28 October 1981

Report from a meeting held between a South African delegation led by R F Botha and representatives from the USA, UK, Canada, West Germany and France to discuss the process for a negotiated settlement in Namibia

Meeting between the Honourable R F Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Africa and Mr Silvino da Luz, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cape Verde: Pretoria, 16 August 1984

Report from a meeting held between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cape Verde and the South African Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss the role of the Cape Verde Government in promoting a peaceful settlement in southern Africa

Meeting between Minister F W de Klerk and Lt Gen Antonio Dos Santos Franca Ndalu, Leader of the Angolan delegation to the Cape Town JC Talks accompanied by the Angolan Deputy Foreign Minister Mr Venancia Da Silva Moura: H F Verwoerd Building, 27 April 19

Meeting between South Africa and Angola regarding the regional peace initiatives and internal problems in Angola

Meeting between Lt-Col A M Rodrigues ("Kito"), Minister of the Interior of Angola, and South African Representatives: Lusaka, 7 July 1984

Report of a meeting between the Angolan Minister of the Interior and representatives of the South African Government to discuss the security situation along the Angola border.

MAWU launches new campaign
Luxingile uthetwano e Eskom (article written in Xhosa language)
Luxingile uthethathethwano ngemivuzo: luyanuka ugwayimbo kwimayini zedayimani (article in Xhosa language)
Lusaka Conference between MPC, Swapo and Administrator-General, 11-13 May 1984

A report from the Lusaka Conference where discussions took place among the leaders of South West Africa for a negotiated settlement in the territory

Letter from R F Botha to The Honourable Alexander H Haig Jr, Secretary of State, United States of America

Letter from Pik Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to Alexander M Haig, US Secretary of State, regarding Cuban withdrawal of troops from Angola.

Letter from Peter Brown to the Editor of the Natal Witness
Letter from Jack Simons to Oliver Tambo

Handwritten letter from Jack Simons to Oliver Tambo regarding Soviet scholar, Dr Vasilkov's views on negotiations with South Africa.

Letter from Chester A Crocker to the Honourable R F Botha

Letter from Chester Crocker to the South African Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pik Botha, on the continuing negotiations for the withdrawal of Cuban troops from Angola

Letter delivered to the Secretary of State, Dr. H. Kissinger, from the South African Council of Churches

Letter, published as an article in a journal, from South African Council of Churches to US Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger to request him to remember human rights issues when negotiating with the South African Government.

Let's talk and do what is right for SA
Leadership claims "should be put to the test". Government committed to joint decision-making
Last chance in Rhodesia

Britain must negotiate with the Africans.


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