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Crossing the Rubicon - together
United Democratic Front statement on the second round of talks about talks

Statement made after the United Democratic Front is deeply encouraged by the outcome of the latest round of talks about talks between the African National Congress and the government.

Address by State President F W de Klerk, DMS, at the opening of the second session of the ninth Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, Friday 2 February 1990

Address by the State President F W de Klerk, at the opening of the second session of the ninth Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, Friday, 2 February 1990. Deals with foreign relations, human rights, the death penalty, socio-economic aspects, the economy, and negotiation.

Never quiet on the Western front: Angola, Namibia, South Africa, and the big powers
The ANC and the road to negotiations
The Election of a government
The Talks that descend into hell
Editorial: Inkatha's Secret Funding
Negotiations and Preconditions
Editorial: Pressing for Negotiation
The Politics of Negotiation
Editorial: Get Moving
CC Resolution on Elections

Resolutions of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party on elections, on Angola, and on negotiations. Supports a single ANC electoral list and commits to ensure an ANC elections victory.

Summary notes of a meeting between Mr D W Auret and Mr Marx of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Minister, Silvino da Luz, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cape Verde: Praia, Cape Verde, 19 March 1986

Report from a meeting between representatives of the South African Foreign Affairs Department and the Foreign Minister of Cape Verde to discuss the situation in southern Africa with regard to the implementation of the settlement proposal, landing rights for South African Airways on Cape Verde and

Samesprekings: Staatspresident met die Kabinet van die Oorgangsregering van Nasionale Eenheid (Orne) van SWA, 21 Mei 1986, Kabinetskamer, Tuynhuys, Kaapstad

Report from a meeting held between representatives of the South African Government, including the State President, and representatives from South West Africa to discuss the process to achieve a negotiated settlement for the independence of Namibia

Summary of points of Agreement and others discussed at the South African and Angolan/Cuban military meetings: Sal Island, Cape Verde, 22 and 23 July 1988

Summarised report of points of agreement between South Africa and Angola/Cuba with regard to the withdrawal of Cuban and South African troops in Angola and the time frames for this process.

Observer Delegation Report: Brazzaville Talks, 25-28 September 1988

Report on talks held in Brazzaville with regard to negotiations for the elections, logistics and other preparations for Namibian independence as well as national reconciliation and economic development.

Five Freedoms Forum - African National Congress Conference, July 1989: Report of Commission on Negotiations (A1)

Report of the African National Congress - Five Freedoms Forum, Commission on Negotiations, Conference in July 1989.

Pretoria Minute

Minutes of discussions between the South African Government and the African National Congress in Pretoria, 6 August, 1990. Re-committing themselves to the Groote Schuur Minute. Discussed violence and negotiations.


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