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The New African: Volume 6, Number 1, March 1967
The Politics of Negotiation
The strategic debate in the ANC

Paper by Z Pallo Jordan regarding African National Congress strategy. Regarding talks and negotiations.

The Talks that descend into hell
Time to negotiate has arrived
Uluvo luka mhleli (article written in Xhosa language)
United Democratic Front statement on the second round of talks about talks

Statement made after the United Democratic Front is deeply encouraged by the outcome of the latest round of talks about talks between the African National Congress and the government.

Verbatim Minutes: Meeting, Cape Town, 7th April 1977

Minutes of an international meeting with the South African Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassadors of Canada, France, Federal Republic of Germany, United Kingdom and United States of America to discuss the independence of Namibia by way of an internationally acceptable set

Verbatim transcript of comments made by Mr Carlos Aldana Escalante, a member of the Central Committee of the Cuban Government, during a plenary session of the SA/Angolan talks in New York on 11 July 1988

Verbatim transcript of comments made by a representative of the Cuban Government at a meeting with Dr Crocker and Dr van Heerden in New York in July 1988

Views on a constitution making body

Views on a constitution making body tabled by the South African Government at a Codesa Working Group 2.

VW workers down tools over retrenchments
We`re doing okay
What KwaZulu and Inkatha have been saying for years: "We want an agenda for negotiations
White fear - Black fear
Winding down the Angolan War
Workers at Pilkington Brothers ...
Workers make gains in RPM negotiations
World watch as NP, ANC manoeuvre for moral high ground
Zimbabwe dialogue

Eight months after the rebellion in Rhodesia the British Government has reached the stage of holding "talks about talks". To clarify the issues we present an imaginary eavesdropped dialogue between a British optimist and a Zimbabwean realist.


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