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Battle for shorter week has begun
Buthelezi replies to Botha's call for negotiations
CAWU continues to spread its influence
CC Resolution on Elections

Resolutions of the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party on elections, on Angola, and on negotiations. Supports a single ANC electoral list and commits to ensure an ANC elections victory.

CCAWUSA Negotiations
CDF looks for popular mandate
Closing remarks by Deputy Secretary Eagleburger, Saturday 19 March 1983

Closing remarks from a meeting between a South African delegation and a United States delegation, led by Deputy Secretary Eagleburger, emphasising the importance of talks between the two countries as the beginning of a process to support the peace process in southern Africa and their relationship

Co-operate or else!
CODESA - deception continued

It was with much jubilation and acclaim that the ruling class staged the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) in December 1991.

Comment: Adrift between shadow and reality
Compromise and consensus to be reached

This has very crucial bearing on the negotiations of De Klerk, since he has once again promised that in the referendum scheduled for early 1992 the white vote will be counted separately.

Constituent assembly call - salvation or scam?
Crossing the Rubicon - together
Dikananelo (article written in Sotho language)
Discussion between Minister Phiri of Zambia, and South African Representatives: Lusaka, Roan House, 25 June 1984

Discussions between Minister Phiri of Zambia and South African Representatives in Zambia regarding the situation in southern Africa

Discussions at Ruacana on 8 June 1976

A report from a meeting between representatives of the South African Government and the Angolan Government to discuss the military situation on the border of southern Angola, the return of prisoners and hydrological issues on the Cunene River and dams in the area

Discussions between Mr Silvino Da Luz, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cape Verde, and Representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Information: Sal Island, 11 September 1983

Report on discussions held between South African and the Republic of Cape Verde with regard to negotiations between Angola and South Africa.

Discussions in Brazzaville: 6-9 September 1988

Foreign Affairs internal telex communication from A Jaquet reporting concern about the international media reports of a Cuban troop and equipment build-up in Angola; national conciliation requirements as a key issue to peace in Angola and the implementation date for the withdrawal of Cuban troops


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