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Ujama on the march

Tanzania's post-Arusha year.

The New African: Volume 6, Number 2, October 1967
Statement by Terror Lekota

Statement released after the United Democratic Front has released Nelson Mandela's statement regarding the nationalisation of the mines and they also gave the background to the statement.

Press statement

Statement written by Nelson Mandela and requested Murphy Morobe on behalf of the National Reception Committee to release it to the media.

Gorbachev and Thatcher against the Workers
Nationalisation: a matter of slogans?
Chilling Victory
Nationalisation of the mines is the only option

ANC memorandum on nationalisation. Deals with the economy and economic emancipation.

After the colonial revolution
Nationalisation, socialism and the alliance
Nationalisation: reaching beyond the rhetoric
When Pam will talk to the government
Business fiddling against the flames?
Social capitalism is where it`s at
A framework for understanding the financing of health care
Expanding the industrial base is top priority
"A free people living in dignity is a sovereign people"
Federation launched
The 11 week Tembisa strike
20 records found.