Natal Society

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Reverend William Campbell, Presbyterian Minister, Pietermaritzburg. A founder of the Natal Society. Father to Harry Campbell, Master of the Supreme Court and later Judge President of the native High Court

Black and white print 13.2 x 9.9cm

Photograph by Rosa Hope. Donated by Mrs W E C Bews. W A Campbell, Hilton College, December 1952

Black and white print 20.8 x 15.5cm

Reverend James Cameron, Wesleyan Methodist Minister, Chairman of the Natal District 1864-1875; Minister at Chapel Street Methodist Church 1872-1875

Black and white print 17.5 x 12.4cm

Reverend Henry Maxwell Cameron. Wesleyan Minister. Son of Reverend James Cameron. Served at Chapel Street, 1872-1875

Black and white print 17.4 x 12.2cm

William Calder

Black and white print 20.5 x 15.5cm

Ernest Travers Burges, Archdeacon of Pietermaritzburg. Chair of the Board of Governors, Hilton College, 1905-1907

Black and white print

Mr F G Burchell owned a stables (business established with Temple Street address in 1873) in Longmarket Street, on the site of Zank's garage opposite Buxton House

Sepia print 9.6 x 7.6cm faded

Mrs Bridle

Sepia print 9.6 x 5.9cm

Christoper Bird

Black and white print 24.9 x 18.8cm

An interior view of a room in the old Colonial Office showing John Bird's son Christopher, a principal under-secretary, at his desk. He appears to be writing with a form of quill-pen. By the side of his bentwood chair is a brass spittoon, 1897

Black and white print 16.1 x 20.9cm

Bergtheil Jonas. President of the Natal Society in the 1850s

Black and white print 21.4 x 16.7cm

Mr Alexander Beale. Librarian of the Natal Society Library from 1865-1900

Black and white 20.9 x 15.9cm

P A Barnett,1927

Black and white print 10 x 7.4cm

Mr W E Bale and Mrs Bale's dog, Quan. Pietermaritzburg, February 1897

Sepia print 12.7 x 9.3cm Mounted alongside NS-Pe-B001 faded

Mr W E Bale and Mrs Bale's dog, Quan. Pietermaritzburg, February 1897

Black and white print 12.7 x 9.3cm Mounted alongside NS-Pe-B002 faded


Black and white print 18 x 23.4cm

Caesar's Hill

Black and white print 14.1 x 19.8cm badly faded


Black and white print 21.5 x 16.5cm 

Ladysmith and Blockhouse. Umbulwana and Street, Ladysmith

Black and white print 14.3 x 20.1cm faded

Town Hall, Ladysmith. Before siege (top), during siege (middle) and Town Hall after siege (bottom)

Black and white print 13.7 x 8.6cm fading


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