Natal Society

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Spioen Kop, Colenso area

Sepia print 7.5 x 9.7cm faded

Spion Kop, Natal, January 24th 1900

Black and white print 14.3 x 20.2cm faded along edges

Spion Kop, Natal, January 26th 1900

Black and white print 14.1 x 18.4cm severely faded

St Paul's Wharf, Durban

Hand coloured print 16.3 x 25.1cm

Studio portrait of Jan Smuts

Black and white print 13.8 x 8.8cm

Talani Hill from Dundee

Sepia print 7.5 x 10.2

Tatham wedding 15 April 1914. Back row (l-r), F S Tatham, Den Barker, Tyrone Tatham, Nrs Tyrone Tatham (nee Nicola Arbuthnot), Errol Tatham, Mrs R B Tatham.

Black and white print 16.2 x 21cm

Teteleku Dance, 1891

Black and white print 18.9 x 24.7cm

The 14th Battery of Field artillery - subsequently cut up a Battle of Colenso

Sepia print 13.4 x 18.7cm faded

The battle of Colenso - British ammunition column awaiting orders

Sepia print 13.5 x 18.7cm

The Boer Bridge and the Tugela Falls over the Tugela River at foot of Hart's Hill - Boer War 1899

Sepia print 13.5 x 18.2cm severely faded

The Boer Dam, Ladysmith

Sepia print 19.9 x 15cm

The Boer position. Battle of Botha's Pass - Boer War 1899-1900

Black and white print 13.6 x 18.2cm

The Boer trench on Brackfontein in right across the Potgieter Drift - Ladysmith Road - Boer War 1899-1900

Black and white print 13.3 x 18.9cm faded in central area

The Cameron Highlanders in Pietermaritzburg, 1906

Sepia print 21 x 29cm

The Castle, Howick

Black and white print 14.7 x 18.1cm fading along edges

The Frere Bridge Natal Government RYS wrecked by the Boers - Boer War 1899-1900

Black and white print 14.2 x 19.7cm

The Gardens, Durban

Black and white print 14 x 19.2cm fading

The Gardens, Durban

Black and white print 14 x 19.7cm

The late General Smuts, 1890. Staats procueur

Black and white print 18.3 x 12.2cm


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