Natal Indian Congress

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N.I.C. - Natal Indian Congress press cuttings of 1974

Newspaper cuttings on the NIC during 1974

N.I.C. - Natal Indian Congress press cuttings of 1973

N.I.C. - Natal Indian Congress Newspaper cuttings during  1973


Indian Opinion, a weekly newspaper, was first established and produced by Mohandas Gandhi ("Mahatma"), M.H. Nazar and Madanjit Viyavaharik in 1903 in the Natal Province. The newspaper focused on Indian rights, poor living conditions of indentured labourers and racial discrimination.

The Natal Indian Congress
Chapter one: Black organisations - Political groups
Chapter two: Government created political bodies - South African Indian Council
Chapter five: South African Indian Council
Reflections on the political situation in South Africa

Opening address by the Chairperson of the Natal Indian Congress at the 57th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, Durban, November 1979.

Natal Indian Congress - The Significance of Its Revival
New Age Vol.5 No.658 Nov. 1958
Indian Opinion Vol.57 No.41 Oct 1959
Indian Opinion Vol.57 No.37 Sep 1959
Indian Opinion Vol.49 No.40 Oct 1951
Indian Opinion Vol.48 No.40 Oct 1950
Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.45 Nov 1958
Indian Opinion Vol.52 No.45 Nov 1954
Indian Opinion Vol.50 No.43 Nov 1952
Indian Opinion Vol.50 No.42 Nov 1952
Indian Opinion Vol.59 No.20 May 1961
Indian Opinion Vol.54 No.17 May 1956


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