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Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

When Standing Counsel appeared on behalf of the City Council before the Select Committee of the Natal Provincial Council on the last occasion in connection with the Draft Occupation Control Ordinance...

Draft Occupation Control Ordinance, 1944 and Memorandum of Draft Amendments suggested by Standing Counsel

To make provision for the licensing, regulation and control of the residential purpose of dwelling by persons of certain racial groups in boroughs.....

Draft Ordinance

To provide for the regulation in borough and townships of the occupation and acquisition of residential and other property by persons of certain racial group....

Draft Ordinance to replace to Pegging Act

Further to my telegram of 30th ultimo on the above subject addressed to his Hon the Administrator and his telegraphic reply.....

Durban City Mayors Minutes for Council

Mayors Minutes for Durban City Council

Durban Corporation - Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

The first question submitted is whether, in view of Section 86  of the Provincial Council the South Africa Act it would be.....

Emergency meeting of the Executive committee

In consultation with the major towns of the province the President has summoned an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee to deal with legislation coming before the Provincial Council during the next few days.

Evidence to be presented to the Penetration Committee
Extract from Minutes of General Purpose Committee

Indian Penetration

The Town Clerk submitted to the meeting copy of letter dated 20th January 1940.......

Extract from Minutes of the Lawrence Meeting (Meeting held on 13 July 1942)

In apologizing for the temporary absence of the  Chairman, Councillor  Shepstone stated, that he felt it was incumbent upon him to make 'a s.tatement in view of the fact that he had been the instigator of the original resolution which had.

Extract from the minutes of the Council

That the recommendations of the General Purposes Committee contained in Section 5 of the Report (Lot 256, Block AK, Town Lands: Application to Court for deletion of certain restrictive conditions) be and they are hereby adopted. (The Mayor dissenting).

From India to Natal - Parts I, II, III Trek
General Purpose Committee - Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

That an urgent request be made for a deputation from the Durban City Council to be accorded...

Indian Penetration

On 6th November 1942 the Council appointed a deputation consisting of His Worship....

Indian Penetration
Indian Penetration
Indian Penetration
Indian Penetration : Memorandum by E R Browne
Indian Penetration Commission
Indian Penetration Commission sitting at Durban


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