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Letter from Susan to Phyllis Naidoo

Th e Queen's birthday and the sky is full of fireworks. We took a big bag of fireworks over to the Ly family and the children were thrilled. I am not so sure about the parents!

Letter from Lee to Phyllis Naidoo

Sorry that I have taken so long to return your letter. As you can see by the writing paper. I'm not at the office anymore. I'm getting bigger and bigger and its becoming a problem to make my way into the office, besides the stress there will will cause me to have a early delivery.

Letter from Lee to Phyllis Naidoo

I'm sending you a special card it is hand made by children in Namibia from banana leaves, enjoy the hand work. Your next letter will follow shortly. Doc said two more weeks before Jay comes. Ill send photos.

The Cry of Reason AND Namibia on the Brink


No win: no war in Namibia: End Conscription campaign
Request on the release of political prisoners

Request made by the Japanese government repeatedly seeks from the South African government a release of all political prisoners including Nelson Mandela, and urges the South African Government to make an accelerated effort in bringing about negotiated settlement through talks.

On the current political trends in South Africa in the context of the struggle for national liberation

An address to the Press luncheon in Washington DC on the national liberation struggle in South Africa

Namibia shall be free
United Nations Security Council Resolution 435
SWAPO win frees Namibia
Workers of Namibia demand control
Namibian workers and national independence
Social imperialism in Zimbabwe and Namibia
Namibia: New era dawns for Africa`s last colony
Lessons from Namibia
Independence for Namibia
Frontline States tour: A chronology of expectations
Namibia: when cool heads prevail
Dit was nog altyd so ... Die kinders is vriende met hul eie soort (Article written in Afrikaans)


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