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Great Mosque of Cordoba

Islamic religious art differs from Christian religious art in that it is non-figural because many Muslims believe that the depiction of the human form is idolatry, and...


Islamic religious art differs from Christian religious art in that it is non-figural because many Muslims believe that the depiction of the human form is idolatry, and...

Indian festival in Colonial Natal

The major Indian festival in colonial Natal was Muharram, which mourns the martyrdom of Imam Husain, grandson....

Juma Musjid

The Jama Masjid mosque in India

Letter to the Protector of Indian Immigrant

Muslim write a letter to the Protector of immigrants on the  21h00 curfew affects religious practices

Muharram festival

the Muharram festival, which was held on the tenth day of Muharram, the first month ... Muslims, Muharram remained a central part of the Islam of Indentured workers ...

Mosque in Tongaat

Mosque in Tongaat

Letter from Rebecca to Phyllis Naidoo

LESOTHO -- hearty farewells, many kind expressions of love and friendship, a few tears but basically a joyous take-off on Friday morning June 6, 1980.

Letter from Jane to Phyllis Naidoo

Many thanks for your letter. Yes, I’d seen the papers and was so pleased for your brother and all the family. I haven't visited your Mother again but hope to do so before I leave.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Susan and Bill

Your beautiful card arrived last week. Thank you for same. And thank you also for years of grand friendship. I don't know how many days are given to us, but I am most grateful for your wonderful friendship.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to The British High Commissioner

THe Leader of the 15th August 1997 has some refreshing news of your office. Shaik  Belal Hassan who died aboard the British battleship HMS Trent in 1918, your office buried in the Riverside cemetery.

An examination of the "dual" nature of the identity of South African Indians and the response of the community to the partition of India in 1947.

On 23 March 194 7 the Progressive Muslim Association convened a meeting in Durban to commemorate the seventh anniversary of Pakistan Day. The speakers at the meeting commented on the communal strife in India at the time and articulated the views of the Muslim community in South Africa.

An ‘Imagined Community’ in Diaspora: Gujaratis in South Africa

Increasing attention is being paid to the heterogeneous identity of Indian South Africans. This article contributes to this literature by highlighting the distinct migratory history of Gujarati South Africans and the importance these histories have in perceptions of community identity.

Gender, modernity & Indian delights: the women's cultural group of Durban, 1954-2010

For decades, South Africans aspiring to make the perfect biryani have turned to Indian Delights, the best selling cookbook produced by Zuleikha Mayat and the Women's Cultural Group.

Contesting Indian Islam in KwaZulu-Natal: the Muharram festival in Durban 2002

This essay is concerned with the contested meanings, symbolism and authenticity of the Islamic festival Muharrarn in present-day Indian Islam in South Africa.

Ahmed Deedat and Muslim-ChristianRelations at the Cape, c. 1960-1980

This paper establishes the historical context of Muslim-Christian relations at the Cape, the role played by Ahmed Deedat in this relationship, and the public reaction to his role.

The Viability of Islamic Banking and Finance in a Capitalist Economy: A South African Case Study

Muslims in post-apartheid South Africa have been seeking to introduce stricter Islamic codes in the public and private domains to redefine the kind of Muslims they want to be.

Young Muslims in Brisbane: Negotiating Cultural Identity and Alienation

This paper examines, broadly, the religious, cultural and national identities, and self- perceptions of young Muslims in Brisbane and the social, economic, and political context in which these are being configured.  While Australia's migrant intake has been racially …

Islam in the Public Sphere in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Prospects and Challenges

The Islamic presence in South Africa dates over three centuries.


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