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Musical Group

Group of men playing music

A young man, with a young woman, playing a traditional musical instrument possibly a musical bow


Label on photograph appears to be 'Seranading' or 'Sebanading' [could it be serenading?]


Handwritten label on back of photograph :

"Sebanading" - musical instrument. Check.  Identification by Museum Assistant Miss Y. Winters

Musical Instruments and entertainment at Hindi Weddings

WHEN the first Indian indentured labourers
came to South Africa they brought some
small musical instruments with them. The
music o these instruments gave pleasure to
the guests ttending the first Hindi wedding
on South Aft~an soil. Most of these instruments

Young woman seated on a verandah, playing a musical instrument


Caption on page of photographs: Natal Beauties

Description: Early twentieth-century.  The musical instrument is possibly a mandolin.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2)

File 6 (KCM 91/2/6)

Sheet 2



Tribal Life: a group of young Zulu girls and children, seated in a forested area


Label on photograph: “Zulu Youth” (MS BRUECKNER G12) ;

Missionaries: Mrs Clutterbuck seated at a piano, in the furnished interior of a house


Label on photograph: “Mrs B says: How do you like the music cabinet? (behind Mrs Clutterbuck).  This is where Robert goes to play the mandolin.  Mrs C plays the piano, Mrs Begg the violin or guitar, Mr Begg the piano & mandolin.”  (MS BRUECKNER F3) ;

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