ML Sultan

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Cake display - ML Sultan

Cake display

Cake Display - ML Sultan

Designer Cake Display

Cake displays

Display made by students from the department of catering at ML Sultan Technikon

Canvas painting

Canvas painting

Catering Class - ML Sultan

ML Sultan Technikon represents a supreme example of what can be achieved through determination and the community spirit in the face of adversity.

Dolls - ML Sultan

Doll made by students at the Fine arts department - ML Sultan

Dolls - ML Sultan

Figure dolls made by students in the department of Fine Arts - ML Sultan

Garment displays

Garments mae by fashion design students at ML Sultan technikon

ML Sultan Founders Day

Students putting their hairdressing skills to test at the Founders Day at ML Sultan

ML Sultan Founders Day Celebration

Hairdressing equipment on display at the Founders Day

ML Sultan founers day celebration

Hairdressing and salon

ML Sultan kitchen

Students in the kitchen

ML Sultan kitchen

Kitchen at ML Sultan


Mr A Ramsamy Rector of ML Sultan Technikon 1981

Mr A Ramsamy former Rector of ML Sultan Technikon


Student in the pottery worksop at ML Sultan

Pottery - ML Sultan

Display  pottery work done by students at ML Sultan Technikon

Textile Design - ML Sultan

Garments made by students at ML Sultan technical college

Textile design - ML Sultan

Students textile design

Textile design - ML Sultan Tech

Display of the textile garments made by students at the ML Sultan Technikon

Textile design - ML Sultan Technikon

Garments made by students at the textile department in ML Sultan


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