Mixed media

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" Imbhenge"

Grass woven and bearded beer pot lid, with white, orange, yellow, red and black beards from KwaNongoma area in KwaZulu- Natal.


Telephone wire covered bottle,used as a house decoration.


Bearded colorful stick, carried by man from the Hluhluwe area in KwaZulu- Natal

'Kaffirs on a March'

Mixed media scene of Hottentots on a march riding oxens.

Anatomical Diagrams of fourteen human limbs

Mixed media anatomical diagrams for a study of human limbs.

Anatomical Sketch:Arm and shoulders

Anatomical sketch for a life study of a shoulder and arm.

Anatomical Sketches

Two anatomical sketches of muscles in the neck, from front and profile.

Basket Set

 Colorful basket set of a married woman made out of different material: beards and grass. It came from the Tabane or Xinxewane area.

Hottentot Washer Woman

Mixed media portrait of a Hottentot woman washer doing laundry in the river.


A mixed media scene of a church house and a mission, on a tarred road with mountains at the background. Type: Wire, sand, stones and frames.


A mixed media scene of  a modern house on top of the hill with a pathway leading to it. Type: wire, sand, stones and frame

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