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Coal not dole!: an exclusive interview with a British miner

We reckon there are about 130 production workers in regularly. This would mean about 1 500 to 2 000 per week is being produced, compared to a normal production of about 15 000 to 20 000 tons.

Class struggles in Zambia
Chilling Victory
Chapter ten: Black labour
Chamber of Mines' Policy and the emerging miners' unions
Chamber of mines must negotiate

Press statement from Albetina Sisulu about the negotiations that chamber of mines must take.

Chamber of Mines - policy guidelines
CC calls for action
Calm, Objective - and Unnerving
British miners end strike
British coal strike enters fifth month

As Britain's coal reserves begin to dwindle, the strike by hundreds of thousands of coal miners has begun to swing in their favour and victory could be on the horizon.

Bolt Number 10 May1974
Away with slavery - let's take control
Asbestos in South Africa
Anglo is trying very hard to buy Gold Fields
ANC gold

Paper arguing against the nationalisation of the gold mining industry, by Peter Robbins, prepared for an ANC seminar on Economic Policy in Harare, Zimbabwe, in April and May 1990.

Accident monitor
Accident monitor
A matter of landscape

Facts of the Rhodesian situation before Commonwealth leaders.


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