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Class struggles in Zambia
Coal not dole!: an exclusive interview with a British miner

We reckon there are about 130 production workers in regularly. This would mean about 1 500 to 2 000 per week is being produced, compared to a normal production of about 15 000 to 20 000 tons.

Comment: clarification: trade unions and KwaZulu politics
CWIU climbs back at Sasol

Ever since the agreement with Sasol in March this year, the Chemical Workers Industrial Union has been working hard to rebuild and strengthen organisation at the Sasol plants and Sasol mines.

Death in South African mines
Diamond miners want number one
Editorial: Avenge the martyrs of Coalbrook!
Elect union safety stewards to guard your work rights
Employment at the Rand Mines No. 3

Recorded from 78 RPM record

Fake pamphlets to confuse workers
Families to sue Kinross
Fighting Talk Volume 15 Number 5 June 1961

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats in Southern Africa

Fighting the fight, worldwide
Gencor Ermelo coal mine found guilty of 35 deaths
Gold dust or cheap imitation?
Hlobane mine accident
How Anglo rules mines
If the bosses won't abolish hostels, we will


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