Metal and Allied Workers Union

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Pictures from MAWU`s AGM
First worker spokesperson for knitting unions
Sexual harassment leads to Isithebe metal strikes
International squeeze on Transvaal Alloys
We will not be used - MAWU
Metal Pension Fund Board made more representative
Sarmcol negotiate with our union or get out say striking workers
FOSATU Unions leave IMF (SA)
End of ten year battle in sight
International Metalworkers` Federation expels two SA trade unions
MAWU launches new campaign
MAWU says "rubbish" to CI`s sabotage claim
Migrant laws used against workers

There is increasing evidence that the country's migrant labour laws are being used against workers in an attempt to curb union strength.

Breakthrough at Dorbyl

The giant Dorbyl group, which has been hit by a number of strikes over retrenchment, has backed down on its refusal to negotiate severance pay at factory-level.

Barlows company refuses to discuss retrenchments with shop stewards

For the second time SA Traction Manufacturing at Germiston has refused to negotiate retrenchments with the Metal and Allied Workers Union.

R15 000 paid to sacked Dunlop workers

The long-standing dispute between the Metal and Allied Workers Union and Dunlop which led to a strike by 2 000 workers at four factories in October last year has finally been settled.

Sarmcol: the biggest campaign ever

The Metal and Allied Workers Union's B T R Sarmcol campaign is by far the largest campaign over a single factory ever undertaken by an independent union in this country.

Three month legal strike

ABOUT 125 Metal and Allied Workers Union members at Pinetown factory, Natal Die Casting, have been out on a legal strike for over three months.

SEIFSA heads for collision with metal workers

SEIFSA, the giant metal employers' association, has renewed its call for its members to resist any trade union pressure for plant-level bargaining.

B amp; S to face union bashing charges


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