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Peter Brown/Reality Collection: Men crossing a bridge

Black and white print 24.9 x 16.1

 Reality, cover picture July 1981 and on page 11 of July 1982

Peter Brown Collection: Unidentified men, crowded together

Black and white print 19.8 x 24.4

Peter Brown Collection: Men talking in the foyer of a building at a meeting

Black and white print 19.8 x 24.3

Peter Brown Collection: Black men erecting a shelter

Black and white print 11.5 x 15.8

Indentured Group

Indenture labourers

Village people stamping rice

People in a village in India processing the rice from the field.

Family in front of hut

Family in front of hut

Workers planting sugar cane

Sugar cane flourished so much in Natal that the first mill was set up on the ... Indenture is a type of debt servitude, but is different from slavery. ... But it was not all that sweet for the sugar plantation workers once they arrived.

Cato Manor

Two men on a bench outside their house

Group of Zulu men, 1890

Black and white print 16.7 x 12cm fading

Two young Zulu men, 1890

Black and white print 16.5 x 12cm fading

Costume, Clothing and Design
Officers and men of imperial who fell at Hart's Hill, December 1899-February 1900

Sepia print 6.2 x 8.7cm

Letter from G J van Zyl to Alan Paton
Men and Affairs
A man and woman posing for a photograph


Unlabelled photograph


Ramseyer/ Kruger family papers (KCM 96/2) ;

File 28 ;

Page 14a



A man standing in a forested area


Caption for photograph: Climbing Ferns

Description: Early twentieth-century.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2)

File 6 (KCM 91/2/6)

Sheet 38



A chief, seated on a chair, with a young man and four small children alongside him


Caption for photograph: Heathen Chief - Table Mt.

Description: Early twentieth-century.  The young man is carrying a shield and stick.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2)

File 6 (KCM 91/2/6)

Sheet 35



Postcard of six men in traditional dress, outside a thatched dwelling


Label on photograph: Natives at their Kraal

Description: Early twentieth-century.  Three elderly men are seated in front, and one of them has a large army-style coat draped around his shoulder.  Three young men are standing at the back, two of them holding shields.


A man standing by a couple of donkeys and a cart


Description: Early twentieth-century


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2)

File 6 (KCM 91/2/6)

Sheet 33




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