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Reports made to the police concerning the demonstrations and/or matters associated therewith: 16 th June 1976

A list of reported crimes that occured in and around Soweto on the 16th June 1976

Popularising the Past
Such Tragedies are Inevitable Outcome of Verwoerd's Crazy Vision
Beyond the Bodycount
In the Years Between Sharpeville and Bisho Many Have Died
Mayibuye, mayibuye, mayibuye

Pamphlet commemorating Sharpeville massacre

Massacre of jobs continues: diamond industry to cut total workforce by almost half
The birth of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa

This article which was published in WSCF Journal, Volume 1 No 2, 1979, pages 26-31, traces the birth and development of the Black Consciousness Movement to the banning of all Black Consciousness Movement organisations in 1977.

Interview with Winnie Mandela on the Soweto riots

In a interview Winnie Mandela puts forth reasons for the eruption of violence in Soweto on June 16th.

Soweto - era of mass struggles begin
Soweto - not just another Sharpeville: end of detente?
Uitenhage worker tells of what he saw on March 21
Workers donate R2 400 to victims` families
8 000 mourn Langa dead
The Langa lies
Workers slam E Cape "opportunists"
Kannemeyer Report
Sharpeville: March 21, 1960

In 1960 before that terrible day of March 21 some workers resigned from work because they were preparing for that day.

A tragedy we can never forget ...
Comment: Must South Africa bleed to death before the leaders act?


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