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You and your marriage: customary marriages
South African Love Song
Research report

Research report on the study conducted to describe and analyse the effects of labour migration on marriage and family life. The fieldwork on which the study is based was done in Burnshill in the district of Keiskammahoek.

Apartheid and the Law
Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, Act No 55 of 1949

The Act was to prohibit marriages between Europeans and non-Europeans, and to provide for matters incidental thereto

Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.39 Sep 1960
Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.37 Sep 1958
Indian Opinion Vol.58 No.34 Aug 1960
Indian Opinion Vol.52 No.17 Apr 1954
Fighting Talk Volume VIII Number 10 October 1950

Fighting Talk - organ of the Springbok legion

Sex and sedition
Sex, colour and the law


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