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Collection of lecture notes, brochures, articles and book chapters - Professor S P Olivier

"The Rich and Poor Nations" by B ward 29 Oct 1971-Berlin;""soc structure of developing countries".by G Fritz.march 1971,Berlin

German foundation of developing countries map+statistics,seminar centre for economics and social research, Admain. Promotion centre

Ten proposed Regions for a United South Africa
Maps of Gujarati States

Gujarati Display - April 1983

University Report: BBC African Service, no. 145, 1971
Nigeria Today
Grahamstown and group areas: some facts

Map showing the plan of the city of Grahamstown under the Group Areas.

Maps of the Ciskei: 1975 Consolidation proposals showing 1980 van der Walt Commission proposals

Maps showing the proposed dermacations for resettlement areas

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