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Distribution of Indians in the Union of South Africa
1956 Natal Expedition to find the Lost City of the Kalahari: Map
Kathiawal District - India Map

Kathiawar Peninsula, also called Saurashtra Peninsula, peninsula in southwestern Gujarat state, west-central India.

Valsad District - India Map

Valsad, historically known as Bulsar, is a city and a municipality in Valsad district of the Indian state of Gujarat. It is the district headquarters of Valsad district.

Surat District - Map of India

Surat is a district in the state of Gujarat India with Surat city as the administrative headquarters of this district. It is surrounded by Bharuch, Narmada, Navsari districts and east Tapi district To the west is the Gulf of Cambay.

Map of Transvaal - 1904

The Transvaal Colony was the name used to refer to the Transvaal region during the period of ...

Map of Durban - CBD
Introduction to the exhibition: close-up of the map and text

Black and white print 12.6 x 8.6cm

Introduction to the exhibition: map of South Africa and text

Black and white print 12.6 x 8.6cm

Map of Natal and Kaffraria drawn and engraved by J Rapkin John Tullis and Co, London and New York

Digital, framed print, Paton Study

Map showing all the areas for various race groups in Durban

Group Areas Map

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