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Mayibuye July 1991
Mayibuye June 1993
Mayibuye September 1991
Mayibuye September 1993
Mayibuye: Feb 1991
Release of Political Prisoners: 1987

newspaper articles on the relaesa of political prisoners

South Africa Politics 1981
The RDP Programme: A View from the Tripartite Alliance

This is more than a point to chalk up in the election......

Towards Robben Island

From Protest to Challenge. A Documentary History of South African Politics in South Africa, 1882-1964. Volume 3, Challenge and Violence, 1953-1964, pp. 673-684, by Thomas Karis and Gail M. Gerhart, Hoover Institution Press, 1977.

Tri Cameral Parliament cuttings
Trial of the Defiance Campaign

The trial of amongst others, Moroka, Sisulu, Marks, Mandela, Dadoo, Cachalia and ...


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