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Various press cuttings during 1980
Strategies of Control and Evasion: African Urban History in South Africa c 1900-1950

The purpose of this paper is to examine some of the broader aspects of African urban history in the period c.1900-1950. Evidence is drawn from the history of three main centres....

Newspaper articles on Squatters: Cape Town - 1996 and 1997

Volunteer teacher Ms Cynthia Mbeki was the first to build a shack at the Polla Park squatter settlement- but she will...

Early Indian Settlers

Early Indian Settlers

Early Indenture Indian families

Image of early Indentured Indian Labour in the Colony of Natal

Indian Family outside hut

Beyond indenture and until the 1960s, the majority of the descendants of the Indian indentured continued to experience abnormal family life ...

Wood and iron houses in Clairwood

Photos from "How We Live"

Cato Manor

Man holding the telephone

Cato Manor

Shanty living conditions in Cato Manor

Cato Manor

Residents of Cato Manor in a car at Cato Manor

Cato Manor

Man and his child in a shanty at Cato Manor

Cato Manor

Living conditions of residents in Cato Manor

Cato Manor

Children standing at the entrance of their house

Cato Manor

Man in the car

Cato Manor

Two men on a bench outside their house

Cato Manor

Women and children in a group photograph

Cato Manor Residents

Family at their house in Cato Manor

Residence of Cato Manor

Women in a group at Cato Manor

Cato Manor - housing

Housing living conditions in Cato Manor


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