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Portrait of a man from Heather Maurilusse's Portfolio

Black and white portrait of a man, from Heather Maurulusse's  Art Portfolio.

Scene with figures & cattle

Colorful scene of figures and cattles.

'Tower of Babel'

Black and white scene of the tower of Babel with figures in front of it.

The Three Women

Monochrome abstract of three women carrying water buckets in their heads.

Portrait of Christ

Monochrome portrait of Jesus Christ.

'A Sermon'

Monochrome abstract of a Pastor giving a sermon to a congregation. 

' The Sheep and the Lamb'

Monochrome abstract of a Sheep feeding it's Lamb.


Monochrome abstract of an Antelope.

'Virgin & Child'

Monochrome abstract of Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.

Jesus and his Disciples

Monochrome abstract of Jesus talking to his disciples.

The Two Shepherds

Monochrome abstract of two Shepherds herding their flock.


Monochrome scene of the crusifixion of Jesus Christ.

Gladiolus Cardinals

Linocut abstract of Gladiolus Flowers.


Monochromatic abstract of figures and cattle.There is an outstanding exaggerated figure of a man. Type: Linocut


Monochrome abstract  of the Book of Revelation ( St John) of different scenes. Type Linocut.

" Days of Darkness"

Black and white monochrome abstract of an old man watching over his child lying on the floor sleeping.


Monochrome scene of the three wise men, looking at the shining star with three sheep behind them .

" A song for you"

Monochrome scene of Mirriam Makeba singing on stage.

" Hard Times"

Monochrome abstract of a husband and wife looking sad and drained inside a house.

" Tired"

Monochrome abstract of a man figure with eyes closed.


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