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The meaning of Black Consciousness in the struggle for liberation

The meaning and definition of Black Consciousness in South Africa is discussed as well as the challenge of developing community projects. The formation of SASO (South African Students Organisation) and the impact of Black Consciousness on politics in South Africa are also discussed.

Consumer boycott
Women's oppression No 3
Focus on Eritrea/Ethiopia
The Only turning
A Portuguese letter
The Horror of Mocambique
Techniques of revolt
An addendum
Dakar and Bamako
Policies and politics in the Gold Coast
Church and state in South Africa
The White opposition in South Africa
The Single standard
Nigeria's constitutional road to independence
The future of the Federation
African avalanche
Towards the reconstruction of South Africa: the constitutional dimension

Paper by Albie Sachs presented as the Third Annual Ruth First Memorial Lecture in Maputo, 27 September 1985. Considers whether the struggle against apartheid is a national liberation struggle, or a struggle for civil rights.

Submission on the question of foreign investment in South Africa

This is the article about the submission on the question of foreign investment in South Africa submitted to Swedish Commission on November 30, 1977.


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