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Women's oppression No 3
Women in Zimbabwe: "women`s rights are human rights!"
Women in the struggle: Janet Cherry
Women in the struggle: Gladys Maqolo
Womans day
Wind of Change

  South Africa - Wind of Change

Towards the reconstruction of South Africa: the constitutional dimension

Paper by Albie Sachs presented as the Third Annual Ruth First Memorial Lecture in Maputo, 27 September 1985. Considers whether the struggle against apartheid is a national liberation struggle, or a struggle for civil rights.

The White opposition in South Africa
The task of Black theological education in South Africa

Journal article outlining the task of Black theological education in South Africa. Note that the text is barely legible in some sections.

The student struggle and you
The Soweto Uprising and the Development of Liberatory Ideas

Lecture by Wycliffe M Tsotsi, Vice-President, Unity Movement of South Africa, on the Soweto Uprising and the history of the liberation struggle.

The Single standard
The role Swaziland churches should play in the liberation of South Africa
The Palestinian Liberation Organisation
The Only turning
The New African: Volume 4, Number 4, June 1965
The meaning of Black Consciousness in the struggle for liberation

The meaning and definition of Black Consciousness in South Africa is discussed as well as the challenge of developing community projects. The formation of SASO (South African Students Organisation) and the impact of Black Consciousness on politics in South Africa are also discussed.

The Horror of Mocambique
The future of the Federation
The end of non-violence: first phase of an unfolding programme

Can South Africa be liberated without a violent struggle.


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