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Letter from Edith to Phyllis Naidoo

I was so glad t o get your Newsy letter to your Brother with that pretty little covering note, many thanks .

Letter from Flipette to Phyllis Naidoo

I really enjoyed your coming to our house.

Letter from Jack Simons to Phyllis Naidoo

The Macmillan Press & Clarke ' S Bookshop Take Pleasure In Inviting You To Honor The Memory Of Jack Simons At The Launch Of His Book Struggles In Southern Africa For Survival And Equality

Letter from Ray to Phyllis and Sukhthi Naidoo

Greeting from Puerto Rico.

Liberating Portuguese Guinea from within

Amilcar Cabral is interviewed by Frene Ginwala.

Liberation and the progressives
Liberation: a feminist issue?
Maputo Revisited

This is a circular about black people being murdered for refusing to carry passes and for fighting for human rights.

National independence and social liberation
Negotiations: a strategic perspective

Statement by the African National Congress on negotiations as adopted by the National Executive Committee on 25 November 1992.

New Age Vol.4 No.2858 May. 1958
Nigeria's constitutional road to independence
Parliament do you see we are waiting for Malan

Recorded at Howard College Theatre

Policies and politics in the Gold Coast
Release them they are not guilty

Liberation song (toi toi)

Review: the struggle for South Africa
Search for liberating ethics: response to Goba
Searching for a liberating ethic
Selections from Spark


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